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Latest Hot Yoga CHELSEA NYC News

Community Class at Hot Yoga Chelsea NYC

New Community Classes at Hot Yoga Chelsea NYC

Community classes are here at Hot Yoga Chelsea NYC! Community classes are only $12 at the studio, which is a huge discount from the regular drop-in class price. We have community classes every day of this week. Here is the upcoming community class schedule: Sunday 11/13 – Candlelight Vinyasa 60 @ 7:30p Monday 11/14 – Bikram Yoga 60 @ 7am...

Things To Do in Hudson Yards NYC

Things To Do To Escape the Cold in Hudson Yards NYC

Winter is almost here and many are preparing both physically and mentally to hibernate for the cold and dark months ahead. Regardless of how terrible the winter weather can be in NYC, it’s never stopped New Yorkers from looking for fun things to do. The new and hip neighborhood of Hudson Yards is a visual spectacle but to dodge the...

Tips for Bikram Hot Yoga

Health Benefits & Tips for Bikram Hot Yoga

In recent years, Bikram-inspired hot yoga has become the exercise of choice by many. It offers the exact same benefits as traditional yoga, such as improved flexibility and stress reduction. But with the heat turned up, hot yoga has the capacity to offer you a greater, more intense workout that comes with even better benefits. What is hot yoga? Hot yoga is...

things to do in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village

Top 5 things to do in Greenwich Village

If you want to experience New York City like a local and get the best Manhattan has to offer, then head south to Greenwich Village. It’s a vibrant and diverse neighborhood just south of the neighborhood of Chelsea in Manhattan. The Fall is a great time to avoid the summer tourist crowd and soak up all this neighborhood has to...

How to Heal Sciatica with Hot Yoga

Tips on How to Heal Sciatica with Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga at Hot Yoga Chelsea NYC can be transformative for treating sciatica. Sciatica is the inflammation of the large sciatic nerve which is being touched by a bulging or damaged disc in the lower spine. This causes pain and stiffness through the lower back, legs and foot. Many conventional treatments like medication, physical therapy and surgery are often recommended...

Summer in New York City

Should you do Hot Yoga in the Summer in New York City?

Bikram-inspired Hot Yoga can be intense sometimes, practiced in a room with temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. But the hottest months of summer are upon us and all you can think about is sitting inside with the A/C blasting. It’s common for many yogi’s to want to take the summer off, especially in New York City where its often over...

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