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How to Heal Sciatica with Hot Yoga

Tips on How to Heal Sciatica with Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga at Hot Yoga Chelsea NYC can be transformative for treating sciatica. Sciatica is the inflammation of the large sciatic nerve which is being touched by a bulging or damaged disc in the lower spine. This causes pain and stiffness through the lower back, legs and foot. Many conventional treatments like medication, physical therapy and surgery are often recommended by doctors. However, yoga may be one of the most effective and least invasive treatments for Sciatica.

Hot Bikram-inspired Yoga can be extremely helpful for relieving sciatica. Practicing in a hot room, stretching the spine and back muscles, and deep breathing are all beneficial to healing sciatica. However, yoga performed incorrectly can aggravate the injury even more. The most common mistake is trying to aggressively stretch the hamstrings and legs. While this gives a sense of temporary relief, it will keep irritating the nerve. Here are quick tips and poses to focus on if you’re dealing with sciatica.

1. Don’t force yourself to straighten your legs during certain poses. Keep your knees bent during hands to feet pose and standing balancing poses like Standing Bow and Balancing Stick.

2. Wind Removing Pose is excellent but try taking your knee to the opposite side to stretch lower back more.

3. Spine Twist is a good way to relieve pressure on the nerve by opening the lower back and stretching your entire spine.

4. With all poses, be careful not to go past your comfort zone. Bring gentleness and patience to your practice. When healing, it is not recommended to test your limits.

5. Most sciatica is caused by compression of the nerve in the lower spine, so avoid compressing this area. Avoid back bends as we are trying to reduce compression.

It is good to remember that the body can heal sciatica on its own if you stay flexible, hydrated and keep moving. There are also many other treatments such as using ice packs, heat therapy, stretching, acupuncture, medications and even surgery in extreme cases. Working in a healthy Hot Yoga practice at Hot Yoga Chelsea NYC with these tips in mind can boost your healing process.

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