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Types of Classes Currently Offered by Hot Yoga Chelsea NYC

It may be hot outside but that shouldn’t stop you from keeping up with your Yoga practice at Hot Yoga Chelsea in New York City. While our flagship Bikram-inspired Hot Yoga class runs daily, multiple times per day, we also have a few other unique yoga and fitness classes throughout the week. It may be a bit confusing to know which class to start with if you are new to the studio. We are located in Chelsea neighborhood, just steps away from Flatiron, Murray Hill, Greenwich Village and Hudson Yards. Here is a quick look at what to expect from each type of class offered at our only studio in Manhattan.

Bikram Hot Yoga
As mentioned, this is our original class offered at Hot Yoga Chelsea. It is widely considered the most popular form of yoga in America. We offer this class in 60, 75 and 90mins options throughout the week. This class is practiced in a studio heated to over 105 degrees. The heat allows your muscles and body to relax allowing you to stretch deeper into the postures. If you are new to the studio, we highly recommend you start with this class. Every class is the same each time you attend, with a sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. While this practice is perfectly suitable for beginners, it also challenges even the most experienced yogis.

Hot Vinyasa
Hot Vinyasa is also on the class schedule four days per week. This 60-min class requires you to coordinate your breath with movement creating a flow through the postures with swift and smooth transitions. This class is often customized and based on the teacher’s creative preference. You can expect a flowing class that contains a variety of different poses that range from novice level to advanced. Like Bikram Yoga, Hot Vinyasa yoga is practiced in our studio heated to 100-105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Candlelight Vinyasa
This class is offered only once a week, on a Sunday evening. It’s a perfect way to unwind after a long weekend and get your mind and body right for the week ahead. It’s our classic Hot Vinyasa class but with a little twist – a dim and soothing ambiance of candles instead of lights. You’ll find the same benefits and features of our Hot Vinyasa class but done in an intimate candlelight setting. Book in advance for this class – as mentioned we only offer it once a week!

Hot HIIT ®
This class may be one of our most unique offerings. Athletes rave about the benefits of high-intensity interval training. HIIT workouts consist of alternating periods of short, intense anaerobic exercises with less intense recovery periods. The advantage: less total time required to make a big change in your body and health. Led by its creator, Monique Crous who is a NASM certified personal trainer with a specialization in corrective exercise, we offer this class 5 days a week in our heated studio. Classes run for about 60mins, and the exercises can often include sprinting, jumping, push-ups or other body weight exercises.

Whether you choose Hot HIIT, Hot Vinyasa, Candle Vinyasa or Bikram Hot Yoga, all have a heated element that provides many of the same benefits that improve strength, balance, flexibility and overall mental health. This quick guide to the types of classes we offer can never supplement the real experience. That’s why we recommend to just come in and try them all to see which fits best for you. A Yogi seeking a balanced practice would include all these types of classes to their routine every week. Visit our Class Schedule Page to view our updated class dates and times.

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