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I have belonged to four different hot yoga studios In New York since I began practicing 14 years ago. Hot Yoga Chelsea is by far the best. The instructors are top-notch and go out of their way to accommodate, and guide, students of all levels. The welcoming atmosphere has helped me achieve my goals with Hot Yoga - weight loss, better flexibility, good balance, and an overall sense of calm. Neal, in particular, is a friendly and generous host who makes all feel welcome in his studio. I give the highest marks to this studio to anyone who wants to meet their yoga goals in a friendly, supportive, judgment-free environment.

~ Katherine G.

I am super new to hot yoga, but this place makes you feel amazing. From the staff to the space. I have a physically and mentally demanding job, coming here and taking a class helps me escape. I absolutely love it here. I have been bringing people with me, someone new to every class to experience hot yoga at Hot Yoga Chelsea. No other place I'd rather be.

~ Claudia

I began practicing yoga in March 2014. After I began practicing, my body leaned, strengthened and bent with ease. I had been having issues with my back from distance running and my hips from having children. This all softened and vanished as my yoga practice grew. Mentally is where I see a significant change. I sleep better, have more clarity, feel more patient but most of all am present in the moment. A great deal of this came through learning to breath and relax - funny that I actually had to learn to do that better! I love practicing at Hot Yoga Chelsea because it has grown into a family for me. The instructors are invested in your growth and the journey you choose to take. I feel like that 'love' is something that you leave the mat with and have ample opportunity to spread throughout your day.

~Jenn B.

Psychotherapist & Stay at Home Mom

I have only been practicing yoga for 4 months, and I am hooked. From day one, I have felt welcomed and supported by the amazing staff. I am impressed by how effortlessly the teachers are able to support the individual needs of their students while also creating a community feeling in each class. For nearly 20 years, I have been participating in various group exercise classes and these yoga classes are consistently some of the best workouts I have ever experienced! I leave each class feeling challenged and energized.

~Lori M.


I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Since, I've been practicing at Hot Yoga Chelsea, I've lost 10 plus pounds and I am fitting into clothes that I have not worn in 4 years!!! My golf score improved by 8-12 strokes, and my drives are 20-50 yards longer. The yoga instructors at Hot Yoga Chelsea are the best I have taken instruction from. They are very good at "talking" me though the poses to get the most benefit from my practice. The results I've achieved at Hot Yoga Chelsea are superior to other studios in town. The staff at Hot Yoga Chelsea are very friendly and personable and always greet me with a smile.

~Ellen R.

Training Coordinator

I walked into Hot Yoga Chelsea thinking this will help me get through my marathon training. After that first class, I fell in love. I asked Haven how many times a week should I practice to get the benefits of yoga. She said "3 times a week." So I made it work and I started practicing 3 times a week - if not more!! I have been practicing 3-4 times a week since May. I love it! My body has changed and my mind - I am more relaxed and feel an energy after class that I love. I am happy, I sleep better and I am less moody. As for my running, I don't huff and puff as much, my lungs have expanded and it helps so much. Also my planter fasciatus hasn't acted up in a long time. I love Hot Yoga Chelsea and all the instructors - they make you feel so at home and they encourage you. I love not knowing who will be teaching because each instructor is unique and I benefit from each and every one of them in a different way. They each bring a different feel to my practice! I love them all and I am so thankful for this studio.

~JoAnne K.

Stay at Home Mom & Runner

I have been practicing yoga for about 3 years. There are so many benefits I receive from practicing yoga. Physically I feel strong and my practice is integral in undoing the crazy things I do to my body when practicing my other vocations... showing reined cow horses! Emotionally and spiritually, my yoga practice gives me a deep sense of peace and calm. I love practicing at Hot Yoga Chelsea because of the warm and wonderful feeling I get as soon as I walk in the door and am greeted by name. It is kind of like a family. Hot Yoga Chelsea provides high quality instructors in a clean and inviting studio for a reasonable cost. I am a huge fan!

~Karla M.

Non-profit CEO

I have only been doing yoga for a little over a month. I enjoy the friendly, HELPFUL and caring staff at Hot Yoga Chelsea. The facility is always very clean and inviting. I started going because of a health scare and although I have just started, here are a few of the things I have noticed for myself. First, you must know I am over 300 pounds so this has not been easy. I have lost 8 pounds and 3.5 inches. Daily living things such as tying my shoes, shaving my legs and climbing stairs are much easier. I sleep better and I am defiantly more flexible. I really don't like exercise so I am happy to find a workout I enjoy.

~Joney C.


I have been practicing yoga at Hot Yoga Chelsea since October, 2014. There are so many benefits from yoga - but I guess for me the most important are that I have lost some weight, I feel stronger and I no longer need to take sleeping pills. My head is clearer throughout the day and I am overall a more relaxed, happier person! My favorite thing about Hot Yoga Chelsea is how it is such a family atmosphere. I felt welcomed from the second I stepped in there and never felt like a "newbie!" The instruction is consistent and the one-on-one coaching is so valuable. As a facility, it is sparkling clean and the staff is always warm and friendly. I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend Hot Yoga Chelsa to anyone considering adding yoga to their life.

~Kristen R.

Elementary School Teacher

I started practicing yoga over 15 years ago, but mainly used DVD’s. I was intimidated to actually go to a yoga studio until about 5 years ago. After that, I searched for a yoga studio that offered a welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable teachers, and a great location. I found all of this at Hot Yoga Chelsea. The atmosphere is amazing: welcoming, warm, and friendly. The teachers are knowledgeable and challenge me both physically and mentally. And in addition to all of that, Hot Yoga Chelsa has the best floor on which to practice yoga! Until this year, I had never tried a hot class. Now that I’ve tried a HOT class, I won’t go back. When I got a cold, I went to a hot class anyway. I thought the humidity in the room might make me feel better. As I went through the poses, I noticed I wasn’t coughing anymore, I was able to breathe, and I felt better. Instead of my cold lasting the usual 7 days, mine lasted only 2. I’ve also noticed that the yoga classes, contributed to my conditioning for running. I love running 5k’s and 10k’s and am training for a half marathon. I feel more balanced and my legs and feet are injury free! Yoga has improved my running ability and helps me to maintain a strong, healthy body.

~Denise G.

Storyteller / Librarian
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Best hot yoga studio in nyc, highly recommend. Great community, great teachers, great classes
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First class was great. Despite being new, they provided clear instructions and i felt great class. Looking forward to coming back
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