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5 Benefits of Heat

Hot Yoga is an effective form of heat therapy. Hot temperatures treat a wide range of medical issues and improve overall health. Lets review the top 5 ways heat can help you, whether from a sauna, hot tub or hot yoga at our studio in NYC.

1. Reduce Pain

While cold therapy can numb nerve endings and reduce inflammation, heat can also be a fantastic form of pain relief. Heat can be a great relief for arthritis, muscle spasms and sprains.

2. Increase Blood Flow

When it comes to blood flow, heat from a hot yoga practice is the best. Heat works quickly to open up the blood vessels, allowing more blood to pump through the body and toward the skin. Blood flow delivers oxygen and other nutrients to cells while also removing waste.

3. Improve Sleep
Heat can significantly improve your sleep, especially in the form of a warm bath. Night-time sleep EEG changes following body heating in a warm bath. Better sleep in the REM stage improves memory, healing, learning and mood. It’s clear that heat can drastically improve sleep quality which even has positive effects on overall health.

4. Improve Flexibility
Yoga itself improves flexibility. But adding heat to the practice allows you to get even deeper in your postures. This edge in stretching improves your overall muscle and back flexibility as well as your posture.

5. Reduce Stress
The benefits of heat therapy go beyond the physical. Mental benefits such as stress relief can occur from hot yoga and other forms of heat therapy. Heat relaxes the nervous system and muscles allowing your mind to relax as well.

It’s clear that heat therapy can offer many benefits for a variety of conditions both mental and physical. A consistent Hot Yoga practice in our 105 degree yoga studio in Flatiron, NY is a perfect form of heat therapy to get all these benefits and more.

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