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Why Bikram Yoga Is The Workout You Need in NYC this Summer

Celebrities do it. Your yogi friends always invite you. You see it all over Instagram. Yup, Bikram yoga is one of hottest workouts to try this summer as New York City comes back to life. With spiked temperatures and 60-minute-long classes, it isn’t the easiest work out. But the benefits are tough to beat!

So What is Bikram yoga?
Commonly Bikram yoga is used interchangeably with “hot yoga.” The word “bikram” is of its founder, Bikram Choudhury, who established the practice in the 1940s based on a claim that it miraculously healed his injured knee. Today, Bikram yoga is practiced for a similar reason. Extreme heat is used to warm up the muscles, avoiding injury and deepening each yoga pose. The practice consists of 26 postures in 105-degree heat for 60 or 90mins.

What are the benefits of Bikram yoga?
Bikram believed his Bikram Yoga practice could heat the muscles to a point where they could rid injury and function better. Bikram was correct in using his practice to loosen up the muscles and go deeper into the stretch poses to increase flexibility and balance. Bikram yoga can build strength and tone muscles due to the difficulty of some poses and the caloric burn rate, which also aids in weight loss. Oh, can’t forget about the sweat! While you may find yourself wanting to constantly dry your face and body with a towel, the high heat opens pores and detoxifies your system.

Detoxing the mind and body, increasing flexibility and strengthening the body sounds like exactly what a busy body in New York City needs this Summer. As mask mandates are lifted and distancing rules are relaxed, Bikram Yoga is back in NYC. Join us at Hot Yoga Chelsea, New York City’s #1 rated Bikram Yoga studio, right in the middle of Manhattan.

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