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What You Should Bring to Hot Yoga Class in Flatiron

Any day is a good day to stop by our Bikram yoga studio in Flatiron, Manhattan. Step into class and you are guaranteed to sweat. That’s why it’s important to come prepared with all the proper yoga class necessities.

Let’s start with the basics: Mat & Towel

Both are necessary to do hot yoga and are available for rent at our Hot Yoga Chelsea studio (Mat $4 & Towel $2). For those who wish to own their own mat, a key feature to look for is to make sure the mat absorbs sweat and has a built-in grip surface. As mentioned, you will certainly be sweating during your bikram class so it’s important to make sure you are not slipping around during the poses. This can sometimes be dangerous for some of the advanced balance poses that are held for longer periods. Even with a great mat, laying down a towel is still recommended to wipe away and absorb your sweat.

This may seem obvious but it is often missed by many new yogis: Water

Hydration is one of the most important aspects of the practice. You must hydrate well before the class start time. To prepare for a hot yoga class, hydration should start at the beginning of the day, not right before the class. During class it’s best to hydrate with small sips as needed so your stomach isn’t heavy with water. In case you forget or run out, don’t worry! At our studio we offer water ($2) and coconut water ($3). Don’t forget to hydrate after class to replenish the pounds of water you just shed during your yoga class.

Don’t forget to wear proper clothing: Leggings or Shorts

Like your yoga mat, it’s best to wear sweat-wicking and quick-dry fitness apparel. Your body needs to be in the best possible position to perform your practice. The last thing you want during a challenging yoga class is to be weighed down by sweat-drenched cotton or polyester clothing. Tight fitting yet flexible stretch fabrics are best. Once you’ve tried hot yoga in loose fitting shorts and a t-shirt, you know how necessary it is to stay light and tight with your yoga wardrobe. After class it may be uncomfortable to stay in your wet clothing so pack an extra set of clothing to change into, especially if you are not going straight home after class.

To make the most of your yoga class it’s important to come prepared. Take just 5-10mins before heading to your class to gather the items mentioned above so your mind is free to relax. Your focus should be on your hot practice, not how you’re slipping on your mat or how your water is running low or how your clothes are uncomfortable. If you’re new to hot yoga, click here to learn more about what to expect at Hot Yoga Chelsea in the Flatiron District.

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