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Top 5 Warm Activities To Do In NYC for Winter 2022

As we head into the home stretch of Winter in New York City, you may be tempted to bunker down and stay warm at home with your Netflix and hot chocolate. But you’d be missing out on some of the best that New York City has to offer. There’s plenty of activities that will keep you warm indoors. We’ve got you covered on the top 5 best warm activities to do in Manhattan during the last few weeks of Winter. The first one will make you sweat, even when it’s freezing outside!

1. Bikram Hot Yoga at Hot Yoga Chelsea NYC
Best way to dodge the freezing temperatures outside? How about a Hot Yoga Class in a studio that’s heated to over 100 Degrees Fahrenheit! That’s right – step into the studio and you’ll break a sweat taking our Bikram-inspired Hot Yoga, Hot Vinyasa or Hot HIIT classes. The heat is great for the body and blood circulation, especially during the last few weeks of Winter. We’re currently offering a $14 intro special on the first class for NYC residents. Join us for class on any day of the week.

2. Catch a Broadway show
What better time to sit in a warm and heated theater in NYC than the late winter? Catching a show on Broadway is a no-brainer for any time of the year, but winter is arguably one of the best just to get a break from the cold. Broadway is back open in NYC and some of the best shows are offering amazing ticket prices during the early months of 2022. There are new shows every month as well as some legendary performances that have been running for decades.

3. Go on a shopping spree
Another great way to stay warm is trying on Winter clothes at Fifth Avenue’s retail stores. Most clothing stores are kept super warm so you can even try on spring collection outfits to get a jump on next season. Since we’re well past the Black Friday and Christmas shopping, you’ll be avoiding the large and annoying crowds. But don’t worry, you’ll still find tons of deals on unsold items from last year.

4. Get some culture at a museum
Museums are open in New York year-round, but winter is the perfect time to stay indoors to check out some of the best in the world. From the world-famous Metropolitan Museum of Art to the modern marvels at The Whitney, you can always learn something while staying indoors and warm. No matter your interest, you’ll find a museum to match in New York City.

5. Dine out at the best Restaurants
New York City is a foodie’s dream. And it doesn’t take a break during Winter. Sure, you won’t get the same outdoor dining charm that comes along with the other seasons, but the city still has a vibrant mix of cultures and cuisines in all boroughs. Many restaurants have lifted the mask requirements and are taking regular reservations, so book one in advance and stay warm for your dinner out.

When the holidays are over but the weather is still too cold, find a way to keep warm in this amazing city. Whether taking Hot Yoga at Hot Yoga Chelsea NYC or popping into a store for a little warm retail therapy, there’s always a perfect excuse to go out during the Winter in NYC.

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