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Boost Your Health Hot Yoga Times Square

Boost Your Immune System

At Hot Yoga Chelsea NYC we know the best defense against any influenza is a strong immune system. As the seasons change your body may be sensitive to the temperature and sunlight adjustments. Here are some ways to boost your immune system as we see warmer weather in New York City.

1. Get Better Sleep
One of the best ways you can facilitate the production of melatonin from your pineal gland is by sleeping. To get better sleep and boost immunity, avoid the blue light emitted from your screens (phone, laptops, and TV) and do not take heavy late meals. The goal isn’t just to sleep more but to get better quality sleep.

2. Eat a Wholesome Organic Diet
Better immunity starts with what you put in your body. Eat organic foods rich in vitamins and fiber. Avoid fried food and sugar-filled desserts. Fruits and vegetables are a must for the antioxidants and vitamins. Do not take heavy late meals because they are difficult to digest through the night and can affect how you sleep.

3. Enjoy nature
Although some people prefer their nature intake to come from a rooftop bar, getting out of the city for a few hours to get fresh air can make your immune system more active. Fresh air stimulates the immune cells, facilitates blood and lymph circulation, thus boosting your overall immune system. Deep breaths and relaxing exercises, like biking or yoga, can help your body relax and absorb more oxygen in the long run.

4. Hot Yoga Times Square
Bikram hot yoga is a great way to boost your immune system by sweating out toxins in a 105 degree studio. Hot Yoga strengthens the body and mind through poses designed to stretch your entire body and improve your breathing. Come for a class at Hot Yoga Chelsea NYC and your immune system will thank you. We offer intro specials for new students who are based in New York City.

5. Take Vitamins
Sometimes the food we eat may not be enough to fulfill vitamin requirements. Take a multivitamin to further boost your immune system. Vitamin C supplements are recommended to keep your immune system strong. Probiotics are also recommended as friendly bacteria in your stomach is vital to an overall strong immune system.

Hot Yoga Chelsea NYC wants to help you take necessary preventive measures to stay healthy as the climate changes from cold to hot in Times Square during the coming months. Follow these tips and consult with your doctor on how to boost your health.

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